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Social sharing site generates revenue for publishers

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A new social sharing platform has come forward with a brilliant idea that gives publishers the opportunity to monetize their websites.

social sharing revenue generating site that pays back publishers
New Social Sharing Platform

With the launch of by the popular Ad premium network RadiumOne, bloggers and website owners could earn an extra income that is pretty cool.  Does your website or blog receive high traffic?  Does your web content receive a good number of sharing through share buttons?

If your answer is yes, then could turn out to generate an extra income for your websites and blogs.  This is how it works.  Each time a visitor shares your website using the share buttons, a Premium Ad is displayed through a notification window that pops up.  You earn a guaranteed $15 CPM from those ads and 100% of all revenue generated from the ads are yours.  

social sharing platform that generates revenue

Besides, you can check the analytics on what your users are sharing and details about other data.  Over 1800 sites including Weather Underground, CouponTrade, and eBaumsWorld are already active users that are using