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Work smarter by using dropbox for business

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Remote access is one of the important features in using business apps.  Yes, Google Apps for Business would be one of the best choice for many, to organize their business and share documents.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have them all at your finger tips. 

But recently, I came across another cool app Dropbox that makes my work much more flexible and easier.  It works almost like my computer drive, with added features.  

Dropbox - create and share files anywhere

No more  wasting time on email attachments, downloading or uploading files, to share them with your team members.  Create or edit your docs, images, videos and files in your dropbox folder and share it right away with your team.  It's that simple!

Once you install Dropbox on all your computers, mobile phones and tablets, you can access your files on these devices simultaneously by way of syncing (also known as File synchronization)

This is one of the coolest business online software, that I have ever worked with and still lovin it.